A lightweight(2.1kb minified) moremenu jQuery plugin Download on GitHub

With this plugin you can add more menu functionality to your website.

How it works

When the menu is initialized on a menu, it will check how many items fit on it's row. The not fitting items will be placed inside a 'more..' menu item. This way you wont have trouble making menu items fit on a small device.

Getting started

Use the plugin as follows:


Plugin options

Label of the 'more' menu item.
Where should the more menu be placed? Possible to pass a selector or element
on what element should the classes change when user toggles and moremenu is initialized? Possible to pass a selector or element.
What type of menu items are we looking for?
providing extra offset makes the menu items move into the moremenu sooner.

Default configuration

var settings = {
	verb: {
		more_link: 'More..'
	more_menu_location: 'after_menu',
	class_target: 'more_menu',
	menu_item: '> li',
	extra_offset: 0

Frequently asked questions

None yet actualy, but i would love to hear your questions or feedback.

Leave your questions and/or feedback here.