Jonas van Ineveld

I design and realize digital platforms

Both online and (intranet) company applications.

I love clear frontends, fast loading time
and great user experience / -interface

I work for big brands and fresh start-ups,
freelance and interim.

I'm a Pixel Perfectionist

Connecting systems

Many times, within companies, many different platformes are used. If these platforms don't connect well, this could lead to extra labour like inserting information twice, or information that get's lost by human error.

I've got experience with connecting MailChimp, SugarCRM, ClockWise, Slack, Facebook and the Google Cloud environment.

As long as there is a REST, Oauth, or any other API available, there can be connected :-)

Plain HTML-templates

Minimal code with great result. When creating HTML-templates i usually only create a static document, existing of HTML, CSS (sass or less) and JavaScript.

These templates serve as a base for developers to connect theire code to. So expect of every page type a html document, with assats folder.

In consulation with the developers, there can be a choise made for specifik structures / formats of pages that meet the requirements. Offcourse as much as possible will be split up into reusable applications.

Graphical visuals

Sometimes, in websites, campaign pages or in banners, you want more than just a static beautiful design.

A good use of transitions and animations, can make a design more clear and modern, enhancing the customer experience.

Simple animations are written using CSS-transitions and animations.

Extended animations i make using the JavaScript library GSAP.

WordPress & Magento 1/2

For the management of a website usually a CMS is used.

The past 7 years i've been (front-end) developing lots of templates for wordpress and Magento 1 & 2.

Also, the development of plugins, extensions and shortcodes for these platforms has not been a problem.

Do you have a WordPress or Magento website and a cool idea? Please contact me, i like challenges!

Custom applications

Do you have an idea for a interactive application? I would like to help you shape, develop and create your idea.

I've made many different types of custom applications. Big applications, like an evironment for employees, where a day schedule can be made and organized for the future, and HTML signatures can be generated. But also small applications for facebook, to create and overlay a photo to share with friends.

I've got experience in multiple front-end frameworks (react, angular), and have worked with different software evironments and techniques.

Loadtime & rendering optimisation

The loadtime is extremely important for a good conversion. But next to that, the customer experience after loading is also very important.

Is the page scrolling smooth? No stuttering? Are the animations smooth, and how is that for the old android phones?

A website can be made so beautifully and smart. But if things don't work smooth, the experience for the customer ain't great.

In the past i've optimized different big website's.


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