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Jonas van Ineveld

Hi, i'm Jonas van Ineveld, a freelance full stack developer living in the netherlands.
Born in 1991, I began creating simple flash applications in 2003.

After a period of 7 years of frontend development at 42functions and OrangeValley i've learned alot about the web, SEO, performance, UX and development techniques.

Currently i'm searching for projects to help with, or fully build. I can take projects from beginning to end, please contact me if you would like to know more.

Some of the things i do:
  • Write plugins and themes for WordPress
  • Write themes for Magento 1 and 2
  • Create interactive dashboards, both the frontend interface and backend code
  • Optimize frontend and SEO indexing performance of website's & webshops
  • Build CRO tests
  • Write Angular, REACT and Vue.js webapps
  • Write lots of php, also just for shortening tasks.
  • Manage multiple ubuntu VPS's with both Apache and nginx
  • Created automated synchronisation / data conversion between different API's
  • And do almost anything else JS, HTML, CSS related..


For the animations on this page i did not use any JavaScript :) (only for SEO and security..)
It's all html and css

Check the source on github!

Download h-line