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and minimal.

Jonas van Ineveld

Hi, i'm Jonas van Ineveld, a full stack developer living in the netherlands.
Born in 1991, I began creating simple flash applications in 2003.
Currently i’m lead frontend developer at 42functions.

Some of the things i do:
  • Write plugins and themes for WordPress
  • Write themes for Magento 1 and 2
  • Create interactive dashboards, both the frontend interface and backend code
  • Optimize frontend and SEO indexing performance of website's & webshops
  • Build CRO tests
  • Write Angular webapps
  • Write lots of php, also just for shortening tasks.
  • Manage multiple ubuntu VPS's with both Apache and nginx
  • And do almost anything else JS, HTML, CSS related..
Currently exploring:
  • Vue.js
  • webpack
  • ES6


For this page i did not use any JavaScript :) (only for analytics..)
It's all html and css

Check the source on github!