I live in the netherlands
and work at 42functions

Born in 1991, I began creating simple flash applications in 2003. From there it just got out of hand.

At the moment I create plugins, themes and tools for WordPress & Magento.

On a daily basis I make use of:

  • Photoshop


    I use photoshop for creating sprites and optimizing images. Sometimes I design too.
  • Sublime Text 2

    Sublime text 2

    All my coding happens in sublime text 2, I’ve used textmate before.. But this is just awesome
  • jQuery


    When I use javascript, I mostly write with jQuery. The library is efficient, fast and easy.
  • WordPress


    For almost all my projects I use WordPress.
  • Less


    For creating a flexible website in the least amount of time I use Less. However, sometimes plain css is the best option.
  • Magento


    When building a webshop with many products and visitors, the open source Magento CMS is my choise.
  • Subversion


    At 42functions I’ve learned to work with version control SubVersion.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360

    When home from work, I usualy pick up the controller to relax
  • Terminal


    I know my way around the terminal.